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Celerity Intuition Monitoring Ensures Service Reliability for Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Challenge

DCHFT was faced with the need to address a skills shortage in a specific application area within its estate whilst also looking to reduce operational overheads.

Department personnel were familiar with the underlying operating system but not routinely maintaining their application environment. They required an automated monitoring solution that would provide constant visibility of the environment and would ensure business critical applications maintained a constant and reliable service to hospital personnel.

The Solution

Celerity was selected to deliver a monitoring service to DCHFT giving total visibility of system events on a single unified platform. Automated functionality monitors events and changes in its environment, providing alerts of a critical nature to hospital personnel so that they can fully assess the matter at hand and react quickly and efficiently. This ensures timely problem resolution before impacting hospital service. The Celerity Monitoring Platform is delivered over a secure connection and all centrally managed via the Celerity Service Desk. A local HUB was installed on-site and connected to the Celerity Monitoring Server. In the event that the connection to the central monitoring server is ever lost, the HUB will retain monitoring statistics as a backup. Alerts are generated at 90 percent breach in the system so that Celerity Service Desk can timely engage with DCHFT personnel with full visibility, patterns and trends to evaluate and react prior to the incident affecting service.

DCHFT’s personnel are responsible for determining the next course of action regarding the alert. A web portal provides unified end user interaction with the monitoring server, allowing 24×7 access to monitoring statistics. Scheduled reporting capabilities ensure full visibility for the management team giving the confidence that organisational SLAs are being met and informed decisions can be made for future planning and growth.

The Celerity Service desk also provides first and second line support for DCHFT’s Oracle Database environment. This service not only includes the monitoring and alerting but also a proactive capability through monthly reporting and annual health checks. A nominated technical advocate delivers Kaizen reports to ensure “continuous improvement” that also encompasses the infrastructure platforms that support the Oracle environment. This ensures these critical systems are always running in an optimal configuration and are capable of flexing to meet the Trust’s current and future demands.



productivity and availability


capacity planning


capability through monthly reporting and health checks

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"With Celerity’s vision and guidance we have successfully strengthened our infrastructure and migrated critical clinical systems with minimal downtime. They have also been pivotal in assisting with licensing issues which has saved the Trust tens of thousands of pounds. I do, and will continue to, recommend their service."

Simon Brown


Why Celerity Intuition?

Celerity is a trusted and strategic partner to DCHFT and has continued to deliver value on technology and service-led projects, making Celerity the natural partner of choice when seeking assistance with its monitoring requirements. Celerity was able to deliver more than ‘fit for purpose’ monitoring software through proactive Intuition support services adding real and measurable value to provide an enhanced monitoring service.

As environments scale up, so can Celerity’s Intuition Monitoring service, giving full visibility into the performance of an organisation’s technology. Raising alerts to situations before they become problematic ensures critical applications will be both highly protected and highly available at all times.

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