How do you drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud is emerging as the key infrastructure strategy for organisations that are adopting digital transformation initiatives. These organisations are using digital technology to radically improve business performance by increasing reach to new customers and optimising resources.

The world is evolving quickly and in fundamental ways. We are witnessing the rise of empowered consumers, and there have been significant shifts in the global economy. Due to these changes, CEOs report that digital transformation is a critical item on the agenda for their business.

Digital transformation begins with IT transformation. It typically requires a hybrid cloud infrastructure environment that enables enterprises to deploy resources as and when they require them.

In this article, we will explore how to drive real business transformation with a hybrid cloud.

How do you drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud?

Understanding the hybrid cloud approach

Before we move forward, let's take a look at what hybrid cloud actually is.

Combining private cloud services, public cloud services, and on-premises infrastructure, a hybrid cloud offers arrangement, management, and application flexibility across all three. The outcome is a single, flexible, and unified distributed computing environment where a company can operate and scale its cloud-native or traditional workloads on the most relevant computing model.

By encompassing public cloud services from multiple cloud service providers, the hybrid cloud allows an organisation to:

  • Amalgamate the best cloud functionality and services from various cloud computing vendors.
  • Pick the ideal cloud computing environment for every workload.
  • Move workloads between public and private clouds as situations evolve.

A hybrid cloud allows an organisation to attain its business and technical objectives more cost-efficiently and effectively than a private cloud or public cloud alone. As a matter of fact, recent research revealed that organisations get up to 2.5 times the value from a hybrid cloud as compared to a single—vendor, single-cloud approach. Furthermore,...

How do you drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud?

How do you drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud?

Here is how you can implement a hybrid cloud strategy in your organisation to drive growth.

1. Create a digital transformation strategy

The first step in driving business growth using a hybrid cloud strategy is to create a digital transformation strategy. This is a detailed plan for using digital solutions to enhance the physical aspects of your business across manufacturing, engineering, and service. Remember, a robust digital transformation strategy is guided by business outcomes instead of technology.

When implementing new technologies, such as a hybrid cloud strategy, a customer-centric approach is crucial. Pay attention to how your hybrid cloud strategy can enhance your customer's user experience.

2. Drive cost savings

The combination of both customer-owned infrastructure with public cloud enables a business to maximise their existing IT investments whilst also benefiting from the latest and greatest in cloud computing.

Hybrid cloud environments enable businesses to leverage the resources they currently have without the requirement to adopt new tools or splurge on new hardware. When using both a mix of public and private clouds, the upfront costs of installing in-house technology can be eliminated or combined with a basic monthly payment to simply costs.

In addition, the majority of public cloud services work on an operational expenditure model. This means businesses just pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

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