How long does it take to train new it staff?

When hiring new IT staff, the first thing you need to do is check for any gaps in IT skills and pay attention to their training. You need to familiarise them with the systems, apps, and tools that your company uses. These might include transaction processing systems, automation systems, cyber security systems, data recovery systems, and a lot more. This can result in a fairly long training period, which can become a massive burden on your company's resources.

In this article, we will look at the time it takes to train new IT staff members and how using a managed service provider can help optimise the process.

How long does it take to train new it staff?

How much time does it take to train new it staff members?

The general agreement among HR professionals is that onboarding and training new staff members needs at least three months. This period might be longer for IT staff members who have to learn about various IT systems. 

Moreover, given how rapidly the IT industry is evolving, training IT employees is not a one-off task. You need to invest in regular training programs to ensure all your employees are well-versed with the latest cutting-edge technologies and systems. 

But the length of time is not the only challenge that comes with training new IT staff members. The truth is there are several other challenges that can come up in this area. 

Challenges in training new it staff

Here are some of the additional challenges that can come up with IT recruitment and training of new IT staff members. 

Finding expert trainers

Many managers prefer to opt for internal employees. This means they get someone from the IT department to train the new hires. This might sound like a great choice on the surface. However, the truth is you are making one of your most important resources spend their time away from more value-adding tasks and engage in something they aren't trained for. This means they might not be able to effectively cover the gaps in your trainee’s  IT skills.

Anticipating training needs

Another challenge is to anticipate the kind of IT training you need to provide to new hires one month down the line. You might prepare training plans, but in the field of IT, you don’t know what type of disruptive technology will be introduced in the very near future that will render your plan worthless. This again results in the loss of valuable time and resources. 

Use an it managed services provider to overcome the challenges of training new employees

The good news is that you can use a managed service provider to handle some of the key IT operations of your company without investing valuable time and resources training new hires.

An MSP can provide you with access to IT professionals with years of experience and training. Celerity has a team of certified IT experts who are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of technologies and solutions, and are proficient in handling a wide range of IT operations to keep your business running smoothly. 

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