5 signs your business needs a cybersecurity assessment

Emily Davidson

By Emily Davidson

04 July 2024
Cyber Security

You can no longer leave your cybersecurity to chance. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in detecting organisation’s vulnerabilities.

Basic antivirus software and firewall protection are no longer enough. Cybercriminals are using advanced techniques, such as social engineering and zero-day exploits, to get around traditional defences and infiltrate networks undetected. A successful cyberattack can have dire consequences, including significant financial losses, regulatory fines, and disruptions to business continuity. In this blog, we will talk about five indicators that your company needs a cybersecurity assessment. 

1. Outdated Software & Unpatched Systems 

Cybercriminals enjoy exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated software and unpatched systems. These vulnerabilities can give attackers easy access to your network, allowing them to access information, deploy malware, or interfere with operations. Regular updates and patches must be installed to maintain a strong security posture. An in-depth security assessment can detect these flaws, ensuring that all software and systems are up to date and safeguarded against the ever-evolving threat landscape. This proactive approach helps to prevent potential breaches while reducing the risk of exploitation. 

2. Lack of Employee Cybersecurity Awareness 

Human error remains one of the biggest risks to organisations. A comprehensive cyber assessment can evaluate your employees' current knowledge and identify any gaps. This allows you to develop a targeted training plan to enhance your employees cybersecurity awareness and reduce the risk of human-related security breaches. 

3. Suspicious Network Activity

Slow system performance, unusual traffic, or mysterious logins could all be signs of a security breach. These irregularities frequently indicate the presence of malware on your systems or the possibility that hackers are trying to gain access to your network. A cybersecurity assessment can pinpoint breaches, analyse network activity in detail, and identify any red flags. The assessment assists in identifying latent threats and vulnerabilities by examining patterns, traffic sources, and login histories. This preventive strategy not only fixes present problems but also improves your network's overall security posture, making it less susceptible to attacks in the future. 

4. No Defined Cybersecurity Policy 

A documented cybersecurity plan is necessary for safeguarding your company. Your team might not know how to respond to threats and vulnerabilities if there are unclear policies and procedures. Developing a comprehensive plan that is suited to your requirements can be curated with the help of a cybersecurity assessment. This plan will make sure that everyone in your organisation is aware of what to do in the event of a security incident by outlining roles and responsibilities, incident response protocols, and best practices. Your data integrity and confidentiality can be preserved, risks can be minimised, and defence mechanisms can be strengthened with a strong cybersecurity policy. 

5. Limited Network Visibility 

Are you unsure of what is linked to your network? Unidentified devices may introduce vulnerabilities or serve as entry points for cyber attackers, this lack of visibility can pose a serious security risk. A cyber assessment can assist by examining your present network management procedures and pinpointing any visibility gaps. To increase your comprehension of the network infrastructure and make sure that all connected devices are tracked down and kept safe, the evaluation can suggest methods and resources. Improving network visibility will help you keep an eye out for suspicious activity, identify unauthorised devices, and manage your IT environment. 

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