Celerity’s Leadership Team completes Menopause in the Workplace training

Celerity’s Leadership Team recently undertook Menopause in the Workplace training with Henpicked, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our employees.

The session provided a further insight into this important topic, along with practical guidance that we are now looking to implement into our culture.

Jane Evans, Business Operations Director at Celerity, said: “Being able to support our employees at all stages of their lives is an important part of Celerity’s culture. Providing quality training such as this to our leadership team, means we are best equipped to be able to deliver that support”

Tracy Ridgley, Marketing Director at Celerity, added that “At Celerity we're really committed as a business to fostering a supportive environment and understanding the unique challenges faced by employees going through the menopause, we can create a more inclusive workplace that empowers and retains our talented female workforce."

To learn more about Henpicked's menopause in the workplace training, visit their website here.

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